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Outdoor stickers by DYSTROY: Add the wow factor to your environment!

Cool stickers for inside and outside, waterproof and UV-resistant - a good way for making your stomping ground your own! The decorative stickers can be used to decorate your home, as well as on your bike or on your garage door. Of course, the designs feature the typical DYSTROY look, and perfectly complement your casual outfits.

Outdoor stickers for inside

Due to the matting, each of our vinyl stickers looks very classy. As soon as you set eyes on them, you will need to think very carefully about their placement. Should you stick it in the kitchen? On a bathroom tile? Not to mention the laptop, the door lock or the wardrobe mirror! In the office, a cool sticker can help to recall moments of fun and freedom. The stickers also make excellent small, fine wall tattoos - we think they look best arranged as a group.

Outdoor stickers in outdoor use

Whether it's a motorbike, a scooter or a car - a DYSTROY sticker can give all kinds of machines a unique look. On the garage door, or any other doors and gates, our stickers clearly demonstrate that cool styling is the order of the day. They can also be applied to windows and all other outdoor installations.

Attaching the stickers

Stickers do not like a dusty, gritty surface but love a smooth surface. If you clean the surface first, you can be sure DYSTROY stickers have an extremely long shelf life. Are you having trouble choosing a single sticker? We have anticipated this and created several trendy designs. Your selection will be sent to you immediately - and with free shipping within Germany. Get on it!

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