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Skull & Bones

DYSTROY Skull & Bones - Fix up, look sharp!

As this is our first DYSTROY Street & Sportswear collection, we have some information for you, so you know what to expect when unpacking at home.

DYSTROY Shirts come in environmentally friendly packaging and are instantly recognisable as our logo tape is marked with the iconic DYSTROY stamp. To ensure that the contents reach you in crease-free condition, all Skull & Bones collection shirts are folded with interior design paper and placed separately in a high-quality DYSTROY bag, regardless of the order quantity. And because we love surprises, we also like to include a few special little extras for you to discover when you're unpacking your parcel from DYSTROY.

We provide free delivery across Germany to all our customers so, now that you know what to expect about our dispatch process, we would like to give you the lowdown about our new shirt collection.

The Skull & Bones collection is characterised by authentic Old School designs, which are reminiscent of the cult styles of past decades featuring handmade motifs with striking logos.

For the production of our DYSTROY shirts, we have used a fine Cotton Slub single jersey, which is produced from particularly high-quality slub with its alternating thick and thin segments. Due to the processing of this special effect yarn our fabric has a vibrant surface structure, is a very breathable pure cotton jersey and is baby-soft, which make sit a cut above conventional T-shirt fabrics in a solid weave. Our DYSTROY shirts are cut in a casual style with a slightly fitted waist in sizes up to XXXL.

For the printing process for our hand-drawn designs, we have chosen a high-quality Discharge print which is optimally combined with the fine jersey fabric. Discharge printing means that the T-shirt colour design is applied by means of a bleaching ink from the fabric, which is then replaced by a Discharge colour. The design is anchored like a tattoo in the T-shirt and the print doesn't fade after only a few wash cycles. Discharge print is very durable and creates a cool distressed vintage look with a stable colour intensity.

All shirts from the DYSTROY Skull & Bones collection feature an edgy sleeve embellishment - a black oval felt patch with an embroidered logo in white.

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