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Biker Outfits, XL Shirts and Streetwear from DYSTROY


DYSTROY is a Street and Sportswear label for men who do not want to miss out on the latest stylish fashions in sizes up to XXXL, and value high-quality materials, a good fit and hip designs in the hard-as-nails biker and tattoo look.

DYSTROY dress sizes are strictly based on the US standard and not according to the European 'catwalk standards'. This means that a DYSTROY XL is exactly what it says on the tin - extra large!!

From our years of experience in the trade, we know only too well how hard it is to find hip biker outfits in XL and XXXL beyond the European standard sizes for shirts and streetwear...

DYSTROY combines men's fashion in XL sizes with style!

One of our highlights: Riggers Belt made by DYSTROY
Our Rigger's Belts are made from start to finish with craftsmanship, passion and enormous attention to detail, which is clear when you look at the straight seams, fine details and the perfect finish. Click for further details on our Riggers Belt.


News concerning our biker outfits, XL shirts and streetwear Accessories

Riggers Belt

Have you checked out our Rigger's Beltin the shop yet? If not, get a move on if you are looking for something that's more than just an everyday belt. Every single DYSTROY Rigger's Belt is unique. Durable, robust and absolute top quality. Forget imitations - our Rigger's Belt looks effortlessly cool - the type of casual look us bikers and lovers of the great outdoors need and demand. A Rigger's Bel ... [mehr]

Biker Store

What makes a biker shop a really good store? Why does one struggle after a short time while another becomes increasingly successful? Why does one have legions of fans and the other only has a few stragglers?We can't answer that. We can only tell you what DYSTROY is. Keeping it real - authenticity has been the name of our game since day one.The skate, street and biker style has long been "our style ... [mehr]

Biker Bandana

The bandana has never been a nine-to-five accessory. Some people think it w ...

Motorcycle Fashion

Our passion is for Motorcycle Fashion for all weather conditions, occasions ...

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