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The Stylish Belt called Master Belt

A striking Riggers' Belt is the highlight of any outfit - whether you're looking for casual streetwear or biker clothes. To ensure you're always supplied with the right accessories, we design individual Riggers' Belts and make them from the best components by hand.

The result are striking belts with a convincing look. We call them "Master Belts" because we think they are the masterpieces of the Dystroy belt collection.

Our belt collection is constantly growing, but a few things are the same for every Master Belt:

Excellent workmanship

We sew all our belts ourselves, without exception. This means that each unique Master Belt really is "Made in Germany". We always work meticulously, which is why each item has perfectly straight seams, patches and well thought-out details - even the cutting edge is refined by a sheath of cleanly sewn fabric.

First class materials

Our Master Belts consist of waxed, durable nylon webbing. The yellow stitching is made from a sturdy yarn. Even the belt buckles embody this attention to detail. Our Master Belts are exclusively supplied with high-quality buckles from AustriAlpin.

Before your new belt is sent to you, we will pack it in a sturdy Army-style bag. Handmade from german army tent fabric, water-repellent and perfect for future trips.

Unmatched flexibility

The belt width of the Master Belt measures 4.3 inches, the belt buckles 4.5 inches. Alternatively, you can choose a narrower model with 3.8 centimetres of belt width and a smaller buckle.

We are also flexible with regard to belt length. In addition to our standard dimensions, we can also produce your Riggers' Belt in special dimensions - free of charge!

The end of the belt...

... is not in sight. We know that fastening the belt and tucking in the ends can often be annoying. With DYSTROY, you can choose whether you need two belt loops or a Velcro strap when you place your order.

We'll save each comment about the great look of our Master Belts as we are so confident that you will love them!

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