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  • Riggers Belt Gürtel von DYSTROY
  • Riggers Belt Gürtel von DYSTROY
  • Riggers Belt Gürtel von DYSTROY
  • Riggers Belt Gürtel von DYSTROY

Rigger's Belt

Have you checked out our Rigger's Beltin the shop yet? If not, get a move on if you are looking for something that's more than just an everyday belt. Every single DYSTROY Rigger's Belt is unique. Durable, robust and absolute top quality. Forget imitations - our Rigger's Belt looks effortlessly cool - the type of casual look us bikers and lovers of the great outdoors need and demand. A Rigger's Belt from our workshop is much more than a belt - it's the perfect companion for your lifestyle.

Rigger's Belt made by DYSTROY - tough belts for tough guys

Our Rigger's Belts are made from start to finish with craftsmanship, passion and enormous attention to detail, which is clear when you look at the straight seams, fine details and the perfect finish. But this is not enough for us. That is why we add a generous dash of creativity so that you can choose different variants and colour combinations from our selection.

The result is first-class goods "Made in Germany", apart from the belt buckles that come from Austria, more specifically from AustriAlpin. Why? Because these belt buckles are the best in the world - visually and qualitatively. We value attention to detail, which you can see on the belt. It is made of waxed nylon, is super strong, hard-wearing and yet comfortable. Exactly what a good belt should be. By the way, the yellow stitching looks really good! However, a word of warning, our Rigger's Belts should really only be used as a belt. Although they look really hardcore, they are not safety belts for abseiling or for air rescue!

Rigger's Belts, perfection down to the last detail.

By the way, we do not simply snip the straps off and seal the edges with a lighter, as seen elsewhere. Here, too, we are perfectionists. To ensure that you will love every aspect of your Rigger's Belt, we provide the cutting edge with accurately sewn fabric. We think that tiny details matter and the same goes for the cool patches that feature on each belt. They look super fly with our DYSTROY logo.

We also include eye-catching and practical bags with every Rigger's Belt. These are also made by us from water-repellent Bundeswehr tent fabric. 100% cotton, also printed with our logo and supplemented with a casual military style. What more could you want from your Rigger's Belt?

Sizes of our Rigger's Belt

The belts generally have a width of 4.3 centimetres, the buckles also have a width of 4.5 centimetres. The Hunter model Hunter, however, is a bit narrower with a width 3.8 centimetres so is ideal for girls. Choose from belt lengths of either 93, 100 or 110 centimetres. If you need a different size it's not a problem! You can order a bespoke custom made belt in your size at no extra cost! Please inform us when ordering.

We also need a quick message about how you want to fix the belt end as we have two options: either an attachment by two belt loops or by a Velcro fastening. Just let us know your preference.

You can easily specify your wishes in our online store, as well as on Amazon, in the DMAX online shop and in the Szeneshop - you can find our entire merchandise on any of these platforms. We have cool shirts, long sleeved tops, hoodies, jog pants and tank tops, any of which work really well with your Rigger's Belt. Look and see for yourself!

Rigger's Belt made by DYSTROY in brief:

  • Hand-sewn unique "Made in Germany"
  • Different colour combinations
  • Special dimensions without surcharge
  • Robust and durable
  • Top-quality manufacturing: straight seams, clean patches
  • Quality belt buckles by AustriAlpin
  • Water-resistant packaging in Army style
  • Great to combine with our biker and streetwear outfits in real XL sizes
  • 1A service during ordering, free delivery within Germany
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