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Biker store

What makes a biker shop a really good store? Why does one struggle after a short time while another becomes increasingly successful? Why does one have legions of fans and the other only has a few stragglers?

We can't answer that. We can only tell you what DYSTROY is. Keeping it real - authenticity has been the name of our game since day one.

The skate, street and biker style has long been "our style". Old-skool motifs, vintage looks, striking tattoo prints and cool lettering - we weren't interested in mainstream clothes. Then we found out that the cool stuff we loved wasn't stocked in plus sizes. Slim Jims were spoilt for choice while big guys who wanted cool clothes? Zilch! We felt that this was wrong. But then we had an idea ... the idea for a ...

Our biker store called DYSTROY!

Not a typical high street store with imported goods, cheap copies, boring and unimaginative designs, and poor quality clothes. We had the idea of a store with its own creations, with hand-drawn prints and casual cuts. Cuts which really correspond to XL or 3-XL. With clothes that look ace and are also incredibly hard-wearing instead of falling apart after the third wash.

Since then, we have implemented our own requirements with DYSTROY. We create clothes we like to wear ourselves. Hoodies, Shirts and Tanktops. longsleeved tops and coole belts called Master Belt. Creative, imaginative, and different. We create stunning items which are nevertheless fit for purpose. You can guarantee a perfect fit, hot details and consistently unbeatable top quality.

And we know this from our own experience: a favourite item of clothing, which has to be thrown away after a short period of time is a really frustrating experience. We don't want to inflict that on anyone. We make good clothes that last longer than a season. Because good clothes are like good friends - you don't want to lose them.

Our biker store DYSTROY - one of a kind, rather than mass produced

There's another important element of our ethos and that is quality instead of quantity. That is why our biker shop doesn't offer 20 new hoodies and 15 new Master Belts every week. We like to stay in our own creative rhythm. This means that our parts are made with care in a relaxed atmosphere. The result is really good designs that you will love!

Keep an eye on us as we love to surprise our clients - here and on facebook!

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