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Biker Outfit

Motorcycle season 2017: Spring has finally arrived! You've checked your bike, the tank is full and you're ready to ride - all you need is a casual biker outfit from DYSTROY.

With the first light of the sun, all the guys will be working on their bikes, getting them back into mint conditions for the start of the season. As soon as the engines rev, the chrome shines and you've taken it out for a test-drive, you're nearly good to go. All you need to do is cast an eye over your own appearance!

It's inevitable that the long dark winter evenings spent on the couch may leave your favourite tops a little tighter that you would like. Maybe the answer is a calorie controlled diet and a strenuous fitness programmer. Not much fun though, and time is of the essence. No, the answer is to treat yourself to a ...

Biker Outfit by DYSTROY

So why not order a new biker outfit at DYSTROY, so that you can rock your bike with the latest gear and hit the new season looking your finest?
DYSTROY "got what you need" and offers lightning fast delivery speeds, which are completely free in Germany!

Biker outfit in XXL or XXXL?

So if you are an XXXL dude who insists of one good fitting, well-made clothes with creative designs, DYSTROY is exactly right for you. You will find a great selection of t-Shirts, long sleeved tops and Hoodieswith hand-drawn designs in the biker and tattoo style, all of which are produced exclusively according to the standard American manufacturing standards. This means that you can count on the fact that a biker outfit with XL shirt by DYSTROY really is "Extra Large" and there's no danger that you will reveal a builder's butt when out riding!

Biker outfit from head to toe;

Speaking of trousers - belts are crucial. Bikers love belts, because they are absolutely essential to every biker's outfit, and not just to keep the motorcycle jeans where they belong. The strap must look understated and cool, while the buckle demonstrates the owner's unique sense of style. Biker belts must be hardwearing and left undamaged when undone by greasy hands. We've got the answer - the master belts from DYSTROY - hand-sewn, from innovative materials and with extraordinary designs.

Made of waxed nylon webbing according to the American military standard and fastened with an original Cobra buckle from AustriAlpin, DYSTROY biker belts are the ultimate symbol of cool. Warning - we have so many interesting designs there is a risk of addiction! You will want them all! Here are some tasters to give you a preview - For the Harley rider, there's a belt matching the rest of the biker's outfit in black with Cobra Buckle in the traditional Harley orange. The "Code Black" with a polished black buckle is a knockout, while the "Combat" with its army style camouflage pattern and robust aluminium buckle is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Master Belts by DYSTROY are shipped in a belt bag made of water-repellent Bundeswehr-tent fabric and can even be made to measure if you wish - at no extra charge, because our streetwear label is committed to ensuring that excellent customer service us just as self-evident as the excellent quality of the products. That's just how we roll!


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