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Born to be a biker lady

... and, of course, you want to look the part. Let us make your dreams come true! Whether you have a tiny wasp waist or are slightly curvier on the bike - we have clothes to make you happy from S to XL. With strong designs, perfect fit and super quality - and this applies to our accessories as well as our clothes. Exactly what you really need as a biker chick.

HELLCATS - Are you looking for iconic girls' T-shirts and cool biker shirts for the summer?

Sure thing! The fastest way to get there is to look at our Classics DYSTROY shirts for girls, all marked with the Hellcats logo. Get ready for a summer of fun, whether you're planning to go biking, festivals, parties or just enjoying everyday life.

The quality and style are as first-class as all our shirts, made from high-quality, breathable cotton. No danger of excessive sweating or overheating. All feature the legendary Discharge print, which can't be felt and always looks great. Not least because of the slightly waisted yet casual cut of your new shirts. Only the best for biker gals!

More cool stuff: Tank Tops

Our Tank Tops are also the best around. Unisex from size M, airy and casual. Perfect for hot summers when you want to look and feel cool. We have designed them in an especially casual style - the neckline has proper seams, but the rest has a seamlessly finish. A rockin' look that is super comfortable to wear.

Hoodies for the biker lady?

Do we have them? Yes, we do as DYSTROY hoodies already start at size M. Get yourself a couple of cosy hoodies as they are great fashion basics. The hardest part is choosing the colour - blue, grey or anthracite! Why not go for all three? You'll look great in our hoodies and feel better and your guy won't have to freeze in the future because you have 'borrowed' his hoodie!

Belts by DYSTROY - The Master Belt for Ladies

Accessories are the secret stars of any wardrobe. Belts are a good example. Especially the Master Belts from our workshop, which are very striking and always add a certain something to any outfit. That is why we have created the Medium FX, especially for girls - with a smaller buckle and narrower belt. If you want one a bit wider, it's not a problem. We also supply the wide Master Belt as desired. Free of charge. Contact us!

Another cool accessory for biker ladys: the bandana

The bandana, the perennial favourite. It keeps your hair out of the way in summer or stops annoying necklaces bouncing around when out riding. In winter, it adds a bit of warmth. Use it as a head covering when you haven't time to wash your hair in the morning. It's a biker fashion staple for a reason! A genuine biker lady doesn't look for a girly pastel bandana but for a cool cloth with a distinctive print - such as those in the DYSTROY shop!

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