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Folding a Bandana

Whether you tie it around your head, tied across your jaw as a dust guard, around your neck or casually slung across your arm, a bandana adds the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. Most people tie it as a headscarf or a headband. But how exactly do you get the cloth to look good and stay in place during a long bike ride? The good news is that learning how to fold a bandana is not as hard as it seems, especially when you start with simple tying techniques. We are going to take you through them, step by step.

Folding a bandana as a head scarf

For this, you need a classic square bandana, as sold in our shop. Place it in front of you on the table, with a corner pointing to you. Fold this corner up to the centre of the cloth. Lay the resulting edge over your forehead. The folded little corner lies inside and points backwards.

Now move your hands to the side corners of the bandana and pull them backwards around your head. Knot there together. After the first knot, check whether it is taut enough (but not too tight!), Then, tie another knot. You can either tuck it in or leave it as it is. A corner is now visible below the node. You can either leave it just as it is or you can hide it by folding some more and tucking it in. Finished!

That was easier than you thought - Right! And the other methods of hair and headbands are just as simple.

Fold a bandana as a hairband:

If you have long hair, tie it up at the top of your head so that you can tie the Bandana as well. Now fold the cloth diagonally. Then fold the two-layered tip, which is opposite the diagonal, to just below these diagonals. Twist two more times in the same direction. You should now have a narrow band.
Stretch this band from the neck around the head so that you can knot the ends at the top of the head - preferably slightly to the side. If it sits well, you can let your hair flow freely again. If you don't want a visible knot, then twist it round to the neck.
If you're a woman, this way of tying a banana also looks fierce combined with an updo or a bun.

Fold a bandana as a headband:

Als Stirnband faltest du das Bandana schmaler, setzt es weiter oben an und führst es horizontal um den Kopf. Wahlweise kann der Knoten seitlich oder hinten geknüpft werden. Ebenso kannst du variieren, wie viele deiner Haare du aus dem Stirnand hervorziehst, sodass es nur teilweise sichtbar ist.

Want to achieve this look?

Then grab a cloth and experiment with our binding techniques. Bandanas add a really casual element to any outfit without any effort and depending on the type of look you want, you can easily vary it. We have made our Bandana „Freak Show“ particularly versatile so check it out! Have a look at the accessories section of our shop and you'll find it!

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