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Biker Bandana = Cool Style and Practical Benefits

The bandana has never been a nine-to-five accessory. Some people think it was first worn by pirates or maybe the cowboys and gals of the Wild West - who knows? One thing's for sure - a bandana has always combined comfort with a rebel's sense of style.

Biker Bandana: A mouthguard that's not just for bikers

Flies, dust and dirt in the mouth - an inevitable part of each tour - and a biker's bandana is vital to protect against such unpleasantness. Fold it diagonally, tie it and you're good to go. However, this stylish cloth is not only suitable for use against the wind. It is also useful as a storm protection during outdoor expeditions.

Biker Bandana: Looking for a casual neckerchief?

Another casual, cool and quite practical effect is the iconic biker bandana necker. The classic size of the cloth is 60 x 60 centimetres - so you can fold it several times and tie it as a warm accessory around your neck. In the summer, you could loosely drape it around your neck and add a touch of spice to your outfit.

A biker's bandana as a casual accessory

As useful as the Bandana is - sometimes you just want to wear it to look good. For example, tied around your wrist, to accentuate your casual look. Or wear it in the back of your backpack, and just let it hang out. This always looks jaunty and you'll have your handkerchief close to hand - ready for action if you need it!

Even more bandana styles: headscarf, wrap and headband

As a headscarf, a bandana looks extremely stylish and offers sun protection with the focus on a laid-back look. Wrapping it around your head is much easier than it seems. A biker's Bandana also works as a headband. In the summer sun and when playing sport, you can instantly have a practical sweatband that looks good. Why not try it as a hair piece? Experimentation is always worthwhile with this clever piece of cloth!

The DYSTROY Biker Bandana

Our bandana goes by the name „Freak Show“ and that is exactly how it is styled. Of course, it is custom-made like everything in our range. The cloth has the classic dimensions of 60 x 60 cm so it has maximal versatility. This also applies to the colours - dirty white on a black background always works. Discharge print is also used for the print design, which guarantees smooth falling fabric and is not noticeable when worn. What more could you ask for? Have another look at it and you will see! Our Biker-Bandana is waiting for you in the accessories section of the DYSTROY-Shop.

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